Is Bingo Plus registered on Pagcor?

Yes. Bingo Plus is licensed by PAGCOR.

Bingo Plus is a mobile application offering “Bingo” games online. It is a Philippines based gaming service streaming bingo games live. With Bingo plus you can play arcade games, top slot machine games, casino games, poker and several other games. In this article, I give you details about Bingo Plus and its PAGCOR license.

What is Pagcor?

PAGCOR is Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. It a government owned corporation. PAGCOR is controlled by President of Philippine. PAGCOR was created in the 19th century. Since then it has been regulating the casino operations in the country.

Functions of PAGCOR

PAGCOR regulates, authorizes, operates and licenses the games of cards, games of chances, games of numbers, casinos and gaming sites in Philippines. It generates revenue for the Philippines Government. The revenue collected from the casinos is used in national development programs and other citizen welfare schemes.

PAGCOR helps the Philippines government in promoting tourism. More than million tourists visit the casinos of Philippines on yearly basis.

Why is PAGCOR license important?

The PAGCOR is the regulating authority of the casinos in Philippines. If a casino or a gaming website does not own the PAGCOR license, it is deemed to be illegal.

All the casinos of Philippines are under the direct purview of PAGCOR. PAGCOR sends 50% of its gaming revenue to the Government of Philippines. PAGCOR funds the corporate social responsibility projects, sports incentives, health insurance corporations, etc. Philippines government uses these funds in implementing welfare schemes. Therefore, running a casino or a gaming website without PAGCOR license is considered an offence.

Why is the Philippine government so particular about PAGCOR and its licenses?

The earnings of the PAGCOR from the casinos and gaming sites go to national treasury, dangerous drugs boards, board of claims, community development projects, etc. A considerable percentage of PAGCOR earnings fill the treasury of the Philippines government. The Government is so particular about the earnings it receives from PAGCOR. For these reasons, Philippines government is very particular about PAGCOR and its licenses.

How to check if a casino or a mobile application has PAGCOR license?

If you want to check PAGCOR license on mobile application like that of Bingo Plus, you should look into the “ABOUT THE GAME” section. You will find this section on the home page of the game. In the About the Game section, the publishers usually give a declaration that they have PAGCOR license and therefore it is legal to use their apps.

Advantage of using PAGCOR licensed games

If you use a PAGCOR licensed casino or a game, your data is safe. The game developers collect your data while you use their app. The data privacy may vary from place to place. It is essential that your data stays safe with these developers. PAGCOR monitors if the casinos keep their user data safe. So, a PAGCOR licensed casino is subjected to inspection. For this reason, a PAGCOR licensed casino keeps your data safe. Else, they face consequences from PAGCOR.

From the above explanations, it is clear that Bingo Plus is PAGCOR licensed gaming app. Hope my article was helpful. Good Luck!


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