When is the best time to play in Bingo Plus?

The time you choose to play Bingo on a platform has huge impact on winning chances. This rule of Bingo is applicable to any platform and therefore applies to Bingo Plus as well. One of the greatest tips to play the game is to play at the right time. In this article, I give you some tips to play in Bingo Plus at the right time.

Best time to play in Bingo Plus

You should first understand what best time means before you learn about it any further. Best time is the period when you win most of the games. For this you need to find out the busiest hours. To learn about the peak periods, you first find out if the casino is online or land based.

If you are playing on an online casino, then the peak periods are mostly at nights. If you play in a land based casino, the peak periods are the weekends and evenings. Your winning chances increase when you play during quieter times. That is, there shouldn’t be more crowd when you are playing.

Let us understand this with some examples. If you are playing in an online casino like that of Bingo Plus, then you should choose sometime after 11 PM. After 11 or 12 PM in the night, most of the players disappear. Say you are playing in a land based casino, then you should probably play during winters and bad weather.

Quiet time

Always play at a quiet time. Meaning, there shouldn’t be more number of players when you log in. During such times, you need not wait too long to enter a table. Also, if the number of players is less, then the distractions are also less. You can concentrate more and win more.

Opening days

The casinos offer several discounts and bonuses during opening days. This is done to attract more players. Even the older casinos offer several bonuses after they launch something new or make significant changes. Therefore, the winning chances of the players are high during such times.

Off season

During off seasons, that is, when the working population is at its busiest, the casinos go lean. This usually happens during non-holiday days. During such times, the casinos offer several bonuses. Your winning chances are high during such days.

New competitor in town

Say there is a new competitor that is emerging to the height of an already existing casino. Now the old casino will announce deals, discounts and bonuses. This is done to keep its position in the market.

Less number of players

Choose a time when there are less number of players on the table. During such times, your winning chances are high.


Say there has been an online scam in a casino X. Now players will begin to hesitate to play casino games. Therefore, all the casinos will announce price money and bonuses to keep their customers. They do this to keep the spirit of gaming alive.

I have given you the best time to play in Bingo Plus. Hope my article was useful! Good Luck!!


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